• Risk Control Technologies Presents: Better Loss Control

    Play Better Loss Control VideoWatch this short 2-minute animated video about Dave, the loss control manager at ACME Insurance.

    Dave is under pressure to increase productivity while improving report turnaround time for underwriters and insureds. He is in a tough spot.

    Before he found out about Risk Control Technologies...


  • RC Inspection

    RC Inspection is a risk control software application that automates the loss control process. The system is a web-based application combined with an off-line tablet version to streamline the inspection process from underwriter request right through to completion of the field work and report creation.

    The system also provides a suite of tools for underwriters and managers to analyze risk and support decision-making.

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    Risk Control Inspection
  • Download Our Latest Case Study

    Is your loss control department still using manual, paper-based processes? If so, read our case studies to find out how major insurers automate their loss control operations and leverage mobile technology to achieve a massive ROI.


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Welcome to Risk Control Technologies

Simply put, we use technology to simplify what are traditionally horribly onerous, paper-based processes in the insurance industry. In our many years of working with loss control departments within leading insurers to implement our product, we’ve seen it all...triple and quadruple data-entry, massive walls of filing cabinets filled with inspection reports and even the odd typewriter.

By implementing our product, RC Inspection, we simplify your business processes, improve your profit margins and make your users happy. What more could you ask for?

Lastly, we are insurance people – so if you start talking about debris removal factors or facultative reinsurance triggers, our eyes don’t glaze over.