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Your Challenges

Risk Control Technologies works with the leading loss control-focused workers’ compensation carriers in the industry and as a result we understand the challenges you are facing.

  • Do your users struggle with consolidating data from various sources to be able to see a single view of an account including policy, claims and service history?
  • Do you have trouble identifying accounts which require loss control targeting and then tracking ongoing risk improvement?
  • Are your consultants spending too much time at their desks re-keying information into multiple systems and templates?
  • Would you like to leverage your loss control data to perform a detailed analysis on your book of business but the data is inaccessible or unavailable?
  • Are you having difficulty communicating the benefit of the loss control function to your management team?
  • Is your workflow currently constrained by an inflexible system which does not easily adapt to your changing needs?

The Risk Control Technologies Advantage

The Risk Control Technologies system aims to directly address your challenges and was designed and developed working alongside some of the most progressive loss control professionals in the industry.  Key benefits you can expect from partnering with Risk Control Technologies include:

  • A reduction in administrative time for field loss control consultants, allowing them to spend more time in the field consulting with insureds.
  • More streamlined communication within the organization regarding the loss control history, status and future plans for accounts.
  • Ability to better track risk quality over time as it correlates with loss control efforts.
  • Quicker report turnaround time to underwriters and other stakeholders.
  • Better tracking of recommendations and follow-ups to ensure compliance.
  • Enable more robust data analysis which can be utilized across the organization to target loss control activities and identify issues before they result in losses.

Our team of experts brings industry expertise and best practices to the table to help you exceed your loss control objectives.

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What Clients are Saying

“The Risk Control Technologies team not only presented us with a proven solution to help achieve our goals, they also bring a lot of industry expertise to the table.”
Mark Barba
Senior Vice President of Underwriting
“The implementation was a painless process for us.  We were up and running very quickly which meant that we started realizing a return on our investment almost immediately.”
Elizabeth Paul
Director of Field Services
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