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Risk Control Software Overview

Major Modules of the Risk Control Technologies Solution

Risk Control Technologies / Risk Control Software Overview

End-to-End Loss Control Management Solution

The Risk Control Technologies System is an end-to-end solution that automates the loss control consultation and survey process. The system consists of a web-based application combined with offline tablet applications to streamline the survey process from request right through to completion of the field work and report creation.

The system also provides a suite of tools for underwriters, managers and other stakeholders to analyze risks and support decision-making.

By leveraging the Risk Control Technologies platform, our large list of loss control-focused insurers have been able to automate and streamline all aspects of their loss control process, including:

Account Management

For commercial lines and workers’ compensation insurers where account management, trend analysis and targeting is a key part of the loss control function, the system provides users with a single view of all accounts. This view allows users access to all pertinent account information at a glance, including:

  • Insured profile (policy data, claims/loss data, assigned consultants)
  • Insured locations
  • Survey and service history
  • Future service plan
  • Outstanding recommendations
  • Communications (letters and emails to the insured)
  • Diaries pertaining to the account
  • Documents and attachments

Survey Request

Survey and other loss control service requests can be created manually by a user within the system as needed or automatically through integration with your policy administration system.

Requests can be can be automatically assigned to loss control consultants based on configurable assignment rules which may also include workload balancing to ensure no team member becomes overloaded.

Appointment Scheduling and Planning

Loss control consultants can utilize the planning capabilities to search and sort surveys based on priority, due date, location and any other parameters in order to ensure efficiency. An integrated mapping utility also allows visual route planning for field reps.

Once the user has selected requests to prioritize, the appointment can be automatically populated in the users’ email calendar and the invitation can also be sent to other contacts such as the insured or agent.

Loss Control Field Work

Loss control field reps have the ability to utilize tablets (Windows or iPad devices) to capture all data in the field, even when offline. This includes all applicable form data, recommendations, photos and diagrams. The user can also schedule service requests or future follow-ups from their tablet which will flow back into the online system once they re-connect.

Reports and Letters

The system allows for configurable report templates to be set up which will produce professional and timely survey reports, recommendation letters and other correspondence for the insured, agents or internal users.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Our system has an integrated business intelligence platform which allows non-technical users to build their own reports, dashboards and data extracts to assist in managing their resources and analyzing detailed loss control data.

What Clients are Saying

“We selected Risk Control Technologies because of their strong track record in the industry working with leading insurers.”
Bob Bambino
Senior Vice President
“RCT earned our business by showing us that they can not only develop a system, but that they would be there to develop a relationship to be a long term partner.”
Mondale Smith
AVP of Strategic Operations, Berkley Agribusiness


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