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Risk Control Software Features

What’s Included “Out-of-the-Box”

Risk Control Technologies / Risk Control Software Features

Designed by Industry Experts

The Risk Control Technologies solution is a culmination of years of working with the most loss control-focused insurance carriers in the industry. Our robust set of features will allow you to streamline your processes, better manage risk and enhance the value of our team in the organization.

Configurable Forms

The software offers a flexible configuration component which allows non-technical administrators to create and modify their own survey forms without requiring programmers. This powerful toolset is unsurpassed in the industry for its robust features and ease of use.

Recommendation Management

The system contains a centralized recommendation library allowing clients to build standard recommendation wordings which can be utilized by loss control consultants in their reports. Standards can be selected by the user and modified to be tailored to the specific risk being analyzed.

The Recommendation Compliance feature allows users to easily manage outstanding recommendations; track overdue recommendations, send reminder letters, update compliance information and even attach a compliance photo to the recommendation. Automated email reminders can also be configured to email specific individuals to alert them of upcoming due dates.

All recommendations data can be analyzed through the integrated business intelligence and reporting tools to find trends and target future loss control efforts.

Offline Capabilities

An offline version of the system can be utilized by loss control field reps on a laptop or tablet (Windows or iPad) device when working in areas without internet access. Users can download requests to offline device for use in the field and upload completed work back to the online system when they reconnect. This facilitates single entry of data for improved efficiency, allowing consultants to spend more time in the field and less time at their desk typing reports and letters.

Service Accounts

The system offers Service Account features to allow users to better manage an ongoing service plan for an account. Based on the results of a visit, the consultant can schedule future service requests and follow-ups quickly and easily.

Risk Scoring & Underwriting Analysis

Data collected in the field can be used to generate a risk score or risk quality indicator which can be used by underwriters in assessing the account, even prior to reading all of the report details.

This data is also very useful in analyzing the results of loss control efforts when presenting to management.

Quality Feedback Reports (Client and Management)

Insureds can complete confidential feedback reports directly from the consultant’s tablet device based on their experience during the field survey or service visit. This tool can also alert a manager of urgent issues with an account once the feedback form is uploaded back to the online system.

Managers and quality assurance staff can complete quality review reports within the system on work performed by the loss control consultant which can be used during employee performance reviews.

Documents, Letters and Reports

Standard letter and report templates can be configured within the system which will merge in all account, survey and recommendation data automatically once produced. This eliminates duplicate data entry and drastically improves the efficiency of consultants, while also reducing typographical errors. This feature also ensures consistency in communications to insureds and other stakeholders.

Once produced, any communications, letters and documents are automatically stored and captured in the system. Other supporting documents or files can be stored alongside the survey or account for future reference.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

The risk control software has an integrated business intelligence platform which allows non-technical users to build their own reports, dashboards and data extracts to assist in managing their resources and analyzing detailed loss control data.

This tool puts the power in the hands of the business users to enable analysis of:

  • User workload and performance
  • Service standards
  • Turnaround time trends
  • Recommendation data
  • Quality of business by agency/producer
  • Class of business or regional targets
  • Much more…


One of the most unique aspects of the Risk Control Technologies system is the robust configuration component which simplifies the process of making changes to the system both during implementation and ongoing. This allows non-technical administrators to modify and add their own forms, manage standard recommendations, manage assignment rules, user security, account/request data fields and other system settings without having to consult with a programmer.

The integrated rules engine allows survey assignment rules to be configured based on any parameter such as zip/postal code, line of business, premium, city, etc. and also allows rules to be executed throughout the workflow to redirect work items which may require approval or review prior to completion.

A configurable XML-based data import tool streamlines integration with 3rd party systems.

Security profiles can be configured for all user types including loss control consultants, underwriters, producers, managers and other stakeholders who require system access.


The RCT system is a web-based solution which can be deployed either on premises or in a SaaS model via cloud technologies. The system is a modern .NET web application and is highly scalable for small to very large organizations.

The system also supports tablets and laptops in an offline or online mode.

What Clients are Saying

“We initially approached Risk Control Technologies in search of a tablet solution for collecting data in the field, what we found, however, is that in addition to the field data collection; the product included many more features which really made it a full end-to-end loss control platform.”
Zachery Bruce
Loss Control Manager


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