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RCT provides the software solutions risk control teams need to reduce risk, retain customers, and leverage data insights that guide decision making. This page highlights a sample of key features and functionality from RCT's three primary product offerings. Contact RCT to discuss your specific needs and everything RCT's software has to offer.

RCT Core

RCT Core is the heart of RCT's software ecosystem. Everything your risk control team does will flow through this core system, and it is here that you will find the majority of modules used by internal departments. Review the RCT Insured Portal and RCT Vendor Hub sections for additional functionality that improves your experience working with customers and vendors.

Account Management

Improve understanding of your insureds and increase consultative capacity by consolidating all account information into a single repository. View history, past recommendations, key contacts and more.

Intelligence & Reporting

Utilize RCT's analytics and business intelligence suite to improve understanding of your risks and target efforts appropriately. Build beautiful analytics reports and dashboards for a variety of stakeholders.

Reports & Letters

Improve efficiency with configurable reports and letters that automatically fill relevant account and survey information. Provide professional and consistent documents to policyholders, agents, underwriters and more.

Management Tools

Easily review management items such as team performance, workload, quality of work, insured satisfaction, and more. Quickly build management reports for review by executives.

Mobile Field Work

Complete work on a tablet or mobile device while in the field. In remote areas with limited internet access, complete work offline that will automatically be uploaded once a connection is reestablished.

Work Assignments

Automatically assign work to the most appropriate consultant or vendor based on pre-configured rules of your choosing. Filter by territory, area of expertise, current assignments and more.

RCT Insured Portal

RCT's Insured Portal increases policyholder engagement and retention by providing a secure, web based portal where insureds can communicate with and leverage your risk control team. In addition, the Insured Portal provides new ways to reach a wide range of insureds that can not be effectively serviced through in-person consultations.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

Improve your insureds' experience by increasing ease of communication and transparency. At your discretion, policyholders can leave comments, ask questions, view outstanding recs, upload photos and more.

Insured Self Assessment

Reach more of your book through online self assessments, identifying outliers and risks that warrant additional follow-up. Conduct pre-visit surveys to prepare insureds and consultants, or post-visit surveys to evaluate customer experience and satisfaction.

Resource Center

Easily distribute safety and risk resources to insureds through a centralized resource center. Control which resources are available to which insureds based on your criteria, such as industry or line of business, and evaluate risk resource usage.

RCT Vendor Hub

RCT's Vendor Hub greatly improves the ease of working with and managing risk control vendors, while addressing many of the common pain points inherent in the outsourcing approach. 


Ensure consistency of work completed by your vendors. Maintain consistent forms, data collection, service standards and more.

Data Availability and Analytics

Acquire standardized data to better understand your risks and trends. Compare your various vendors in relation to one another and your internal staff.

Quality of Work

Maintain tight control over the quality of work received by your external vendors to improve policyholder experience and uphold internal standards.

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